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Rules not clear

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I am new to Pickleball, and I am trying to learn the rules. I have stumbled upon what I think is some uncertainty in the rules.
4.B.6.a. says that each side out begins with the server in the right/even serving area.
4.B.6.b. says that the location of the server depends on the score (odd/even) of the server's team. That seems to conflict with the previous paragraph.
4.6.B.c. says that service begins in the right/even side of the court (agreeing with paragraph a) "according to the team's score" agreeing with paragraph b.
So a has one rule, b has a different rule, and c has both (conflicting) rules.
So I have two questions:
1. Am I reading these rules correctly?
2, What is the rule?
Thanks for any clarification you can offer.
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